May 13, 2006

Real live boards

Tom Owens' work, from one of his storyboards for "Over the Hedge". Just as a geek production note: the numbers at lower right represent the sequence and the individual panel; i.e., this is from sequence 1831, drawing 1259

Dreamworks has done something interesting in conjunction with the release of "Over The Hedge": they've actually posted a bit of visual development and a few storyboard examples, which you can see here. And the art is attributed, which little detail has me grinning broadly in the general direction of the publicity department. I wish the boards were more than the few panels they are, but hey--small caveat; it's as far as I know fairly unprecedented to release this sort of thing before the DVD comes out(if then). It's a good thing.


J said...

Hey Jenny. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The boards look great. Jakob Jensen's work is also very amazing.

John S. said...

What a great drawing!
That Tom Owens draws like and SOB!!!

Jenny Lerew said...

John-you can say that again; my only beef with the boards they posted on Yahoo is that 4 drawings does not a sequence make--but I'll settle for these anytime. : )

James-yep, it's all great stuff. Plenty more where that came from, too! I love that they(publicity? marketing? I don't know) did this.

J said...

Jenny- Are we likely to see your boards at some point?
The dreamworks roster looks pretty amazing...and I have to second what John said. Those drawings are really great!
Hope to get meet those guys someday.

Lee-Roy said...

What?!?! Story artists getting credits outside of the endless scroll of job titles and names that come at the end of the film? Fantastic!

This is a cool one. I'm not going to look at the boards yet, though, cuz I haven't seen the film. I don't want to spoil anything.