Jun 18, 2008

David Derrick blogs about drawing from life and plein air sculpting

Story artist Dave Derrick is a guy who inspires me with his talent, energy and determination to constantly seek out and accomplish new things. He's just put up a blog which can be visited here.

I have an especially soft spot for the sort of animal drawing he's adept at. He draws constantly from life, but to my eye his animals always have an extra personality and charm that's probably equal parts what's there--and what's inside the artist himself.

In his brand-new blog he's going to post examples of his studies and the ways he uses them-most recently in sculpting. He's definitely someone to watch and learn from (he's one of the artists included in "Scrambled Ink" as well-that work is pictured in my earlier post). Pay him a call.

all artwork courtesy of David Derrick, from his blog


Daisy Church said...

wow- David has some beautiful stuff over there! Thanks for the lead! :)

David said...

Thanks for the plug Jenny!


Kristy Gordon said...

WOAHHH! David's amazing! The sculpture is soooo cool and totally inspiring!!

the doodlers said...

Yeeeeiikes! So good. Thanks for pointing us in this guy's direction.

Unknown said...

Hey I googled my name and seems that we are almost likely to be twins with names on Google.. but anyway good to see someone doing such great art work.