Dec 25, 2006

Merry Christmas--this time from Ward Kimball

This is Ward Kimball's Christmas card from 1963. I have one of them, unsigned; where I got it I can't quite remember. Probably in a box of stuff my then-workplace(Larry Edmunds Bookshop) got from a retired Disney animator years ago...since Christmas cards weren't in our usual line I snagged this. The cels and drawings we also received I priced myself, to be sold(being the only animation"expert" in the business). All of those went quickly...for about a tenth of what any of it would be worth today. Ah, well.

Leave it to Ward to stage such a scene...I imagine that the pretty hipster in the fire truck is Ward's daughter Kelly, but I'm not sure. Of couse that's Betty Kimball hanging off the rear.

Once again, a merry Christmas to all--and many thanks for all of your kind comments and feedback this year!

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TS said...

I dig the Kimball card! He had a way of staying relatively uninhibited in the midst of Disney and the other directing animators

Thanks for posting all that you do!

Blogs like yours are the only way that animation folk outside of LA can stay connected to things.

Thanks again.


Albuquerque, NM