Dec 29, 2006

Cleaning my studio...

...the things you find.
I was just talking about the good old Silver Passes the last week we were at work--getting that itch to go to Disneyland again. I hadn't seen my worthless old passes in years, but I just knew I probably didn't thow them away. I was right. This little item got you & 4 of your friends and/or family into the Parks gratis(and flashing your ID got you 30% off all food and purchases).
Very nice perks indeed.

The 33 Club (I guess it's officially known as "Club 33" but that's never what we used to call it as kids, so--): I was privileged to finally go there for brunch a few years ago for my birthday. Aside from this little notepad (a complimentary item), we bought champagne glasses to remember it by. If you grew up making regular trips to Disneyland as my family and friends did, the 33 Club was a mysterious, forbidden place one could only dream of ever getting into; a virtually unmarked doorway adjacent to the Pirates exit, with a small brass plate hiding an intercom and button. Admittance was and is by appointment only--and via the membership of a select few companies and individuals. It's also been known as the only place inside Disneyland that serves alcoholic beverages.
Stories abound--like the time when I and my best high school buddy were eating at the Blue Bayou(the Club balcony overlooks the Bayou restaurant) and pelted with ice from some imbibing VIPs above. We didn't mind; they were just small ice chips, after all--and who knew who it might have been tossing the ice? Such was our reverence for the place that we felt honored to be thus acknowleged.
The birthday brunch, by the way, was excellent.

-An addendum: I see that on the Animation Nation site there was some mention of the high cost of eating at Club 33. True, it's expensive(easily $50 per person), but what the poster doesn't mention is that entry into Disneyland is free with a reservation at the 33 Club.
At the time of my birthday brunch I wasn't a Disney employee, much less one with a silver pass, so that aspect saved me and my three guests a considerable sum. It was well worth it for the Disney lore and overall atmosphere that fill the "forbidden" upstairs Club, and the friend who made it possible (not an animation artist but a Disney fan whose dad was in several classic Disney live action films in Walt's time) has my heartiest thanks for making it happen. If you're curious, be sure you click the link embedded in my post above for a site with some fun details and photos of the inside of the Club.


Jeffrey Pepper said...

My wife was a manager for the Disney Stores for seven years in the 1990s, not only did she get a Silver Pass, but I got one as well! We occasionally ran into cast members at the parks who weren't too happy that a spouse got those high end perks.

Those were the days. . .

(And yes, I saved all my old Silver Passes as well)

Jenny Lerew said...

Then it's a good thing mine's expired.

David said...

"The amazing thing is that a Disney Silver Pass will also get you into hell."

Well, only on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride , I think.

Oh, how I miss my Silver Pass. (Well, actually, I miss my job at Disney Feature Animation more , but the Silver Pass , too.)

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

I think I like the old, more compressed columns better.

samacleod said...

Ah, I was just at Disneyland this week and stared at the Club 33 door. I do it every time I go, I too long to go there! I explained it to my wife who'd never heard of it, yes, with all of the exaggerated stories ;)

I love the images you always post. As for the layout, I am lame and can't tell the difference except the colors, which I like (white).