Sep 30, 2008

"Bolt: One Ridonculous Adventure" by story artist Aurian Redson

Front and (below)back covers for Redson's book. Sorry about the glare-it certainly looks better in person

In my initial fizz over finally getting my copy of Joe Moshier's new Bolt Golden Book, I completely forgot to mention that I'm expecting yet another children's adaptation by an animation artist, Aurian Redson--a bright light in the story department.

He worked long and hard on "Bolt" the film, and he too has accomplished quite a lovely piece of publishing with "Bolt" One Ridonculous Adventure". A larger-format, longer picturebook than the Little Golden, it's also fascinating to see how Aurian has chosen to design his own version of the characters and settings. I've just seen a copy belonging to another story artist at work who's received his, and while I may sound like a shill for the publisher, I care not. This is a gorgeous and appealing book and a perfect compliment to your library.

a cropped photograph of one of the large (9x12)pages; these moving men look familiar...


Anonymous said...

I'm getting a "This is Paris" vibe from that use of color and shape!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Bolt tag messes up the design.

I'd have loved a Bolt logo treatment in the style of the rest of the art on these books.

Zach Cole said...

I saw this and the Little Golden Book at Safeway yesterday. It made me happy, because like you said, Aurian Redson and Joe Moshier are drawing the characters and settings off-model from the film. Not that this hasn't been done before, but I think these books really contrast this particular film in it's design, and I love that.

I love your drawings, btw. They're very lively and fun to look at.

Oh, and thanks for the blog comment! I'll be more thorough with my fact checking from now on. :P

SteveLambe said...

Thanks for the tip on these two books, Jenny. I ordered them both from Amazon, and boy, you are right. Really appealing artwork.

Hopefully Disney will be continue the trend with future books.

Bob Logan said...

I can't wait to get these.