Jan 3, 2007

Disney in Paris-a post about a post; or Who's going to make the reservations for Montreal?

image courtesy of animated-views.com

Animation historian Michael Barrier has been busy finishing his soon-to-be published (and soon-to-be definitive, most likely) biography of Walt Disney, so he hasn't been updating his blog as frequently as I'd like. But he's finally back--and without his mention of it I'd have had no idea where to find this great blog entry about the incredible exhibit of Disney animation art, artefacts and influences currently on view in Paris:

Il ├ętait une fois, Walt Disney (Once Upon A Time…Walt Disney).

The terrific report is via a blogger that's new to me, Animated Views' Ben Simon. As Barrier points out, though the Paris exhibit is soon to close, the whole thing will move in March to Montreal.
Who's with me? Road trip!


antikewl said...

I got back from Paris yesterday and the exhibition really is as good as everyone has made it out to be. If you get a chance to see it in Montreal, do go! It's absolutely incredible and I guarantee that you won't be disappointed!

Sean Dicken said...

It's an awesome show- you definitely don't want to miss it! I went to the exhibition twice in the three months I was living in Paris just to see those Evynd Earle paintings in person again... everything else was just frosting on the cake.

the doodlers said...

Hi Jennie,

Montreal will be lovely in the spring... maybe we can meet you there in May??

Arna and John

Randeep Katari said...

How are you? It's been a while! I'm probably going to go in April, as soon as school is done with, and before internship starts. Hope all is well, give me a holler via the ol' blog!