Mar 8, 2006

It's raining cool blogs today

Well, well, the small space of one morning I discover that two of my former classmates have stinkin' great blogs--and all the more splendid as they're both story artists:

Jim Capobianco


Mark Kennedy!

Here's my lame attempt at recreating a caricature Mike Giaimo did of Mark back in the day(Mike was our 1st year character design teacher); the original was better than this, of course(as a matter of fact, I think it was done with no lines at all, just flat marker color-shapes), but all these years later I still can't get that "banana with a hair flip" image out of my brain. Keep in mind that Mark was about 17 then; he's probably wearing his hair differently these days.

Jim is at that boutique studio up north, Pixar, and Mark is across the concrete divide at Disney FA, where he's been for a while heading story. I guess they now both work for the same boss(I still have to pinch myself about that one).

Anyway, they're both very nice guys in addition to cool artists. Also funny. So bienvenue fellas!


mark kennedy said...

Holy crap Jenny! I can't believe you mentioned me on your site! Your site was certainly a huge inspiration to me to start a site. But also I really wanted to start one that was very different from yours - you do a great job of putting over the storyboard artist's point-of-view and what it's like to work as one. I didn't want to try to do what you do, so I started a site that's all about everything I've learned (and I am still learning) as a storyboard artist.

Jenny Lerew said...

And your site is a pip already! I love what you've posted so far, and I look forward to further peeks inside your brain.
All of us out here in our different studios are like far-flung planets, and work is so busy all the time that years go by without knowing what's happening over on Venus or Pluto--or to whom. So a new blog from you is a real treat!

Doron Meir said...

GREAT blogs, thanks!

Brandon Vietti said...

Thanks for those links! I was already soaking up a lot of inspiration from your site. The inspiration just trippled!

JmC said...

thanks jenny for posting this. needless to say i've been busy. and apologize for being soooo late in getting back to you. i have enjoyed your posting about story and mark's as well. it's nice to see us story persons getting our voices out there.