Jun 13, 2009

Ward had a hell of a nerve

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Over at the union blog Steve Hulett posted a link to a Life magazine photo archive that deals with Walt Disney. Lots of interesting shots there, not all just of Walt. But I really love the one above. I've seen others from this same session but I can't recall ever before noticing that killer caricature of The Boss smack dab in the middle of it, pinned prominently next to Ward's desk. What an expression.

It looks like there's one of Walt Kelly's "Ward's life" gag drawings hanging from the shelf under the lamp, too. You know, one of these days someone's going to do a book...


Joel Brinkerhoff said...

I've never met a man more comfortable with himself and his place in the world than Ward.

I want to enjoy life and people as much as he did.

Parka AKA said...

I got such a kick out of this post, that I forwarded it.
What's crazy though, is this morning I stumbled across this picture of the Firehouse 5 plus two. Check out the clarinet player


Maybe that's Clarke Mallery and not Uncle Walt.