Oct 3, 2008

Feast your eyes-appeal and style

If you don't visit Michael Sporn's blog (or "Splog") regularly, you miss not only his great reports on animation life on the east coast, but also many things like these stunning boards from the Disney short "Melody: Adventures in Music". The artwork is loaned to Mike from his good friend and a man who needs no introduction to readers here, John Canemaker, whose collection is something else again.

Lots more where this came from--and again, it comes via John Canemaker and Michael Sporn.

Go there now!


Kevin Kidney said...

Delightful! Thank you for the heads-up on Michael's blog!

Bob Logan said...

Great link! Really interesting blog! Thanks, Jen!


Vincent Gorman said...

Love it, the the second panel looks like something from the paintbrush of Joan Miro. The cartoons of today sort of go for this 50's-60's, flat,straight line style, but they're missing great poses like the one here of this owl. Thanks for the post.

Moro Rogers said...

I like it when stuff is floating in space.