Sep 5, 2007

Fred Moore & Pete Emslie

Here of course is a lovely, interestingly unfinished Fred Moore painting. It appears courtesy of the generosity of Pete Emslie, cartoonist, collector, caricaturist, blogger, Sheridan Collge teacher(animation) and all-around nice guy, judging from his posts.
He's a very thoughtful man as well as a prolific artist, and I can't recommmend regualr visits to his blog too emphatically. Here's a sample of a recent post's illustration(by Pete):

Pete's gesture drawings of model Heather

In addition to the Moore above, he posted yet another painting by Fred he's acquired, as well as several centaurette cleanups that are a must see. Really lovely.
Thanks for sharing, Pete!


John Musker said...

Thanks for pointing me toward Pete Emslie's blog. The Moores were great but I really liked his caricatures.

Jenny Lerew said...

Hi John-yes, he's tops at that--and what a nice guy, too, to share these Moores of his!

I want to do a longer(better)post just about his caricature work...I'm way overdue on it, actually.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Wow! Nice pictures! The Moore is great and Peter's life drawings are really interesting! I'll check out his site!

MondayMorgue said...

Ahh that drawing is gorgeous, great to see some of his process-great post and link.

Anonymous said...
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Jenny Lerew said...

Bruce-thanks for coming by. There are a lot of apocryphal stories about Fred Moore's demise; I don't know where you read it, but anything to do with an
"operation" is wrong.

He died in St. Joseph's hospital a few hours after being involved in a head-on collision with another car(by the way, Fred's wife was driving, not him, and she too was hospitalized though her injuries weren't life treatening). There was no discharge, no being turned away from the hospital, and he wasn't unemployed. No one abandoned him. I think you've read one of the folk tales about him. The truth is well documented in newspapers of th time as well as his death certificate.
Don't mean to come down on your remark--the end of his life wasn't vey happy, unfortunately--but I wish these tales would get off the net.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I'm REALLY sorry for what I said; it was my teacher who told me one such story about Fred, and maybe next time I should get my facts straight before I write it.

Jenny Lerew said...

No problem, Bruce--I didn't fault you for that at all(how could you know otherwise-especially information from from a teacher?)--there are several anecdotes about Moore that have floated around for decades; I think the wrong/inaccurate info is actually published online on as legit a site as and others...but sometimes the more lurid stories are the ones that stick and just won't go away-that's why it gets frustrating.

Doomsday said...

Totally amazing blog!