May 27, 2007

Blog Blurb: Will Finn

self-portrait by Will Finn, swiped from his new blog

...and another sucker answers the siren song of the blogosphere!

Welcome Will Finn to the fold, everyone!
Surely a man who needs no elaborate introduction to animation folk, I will nevertheless say that my introduction to him(though not his to me)occurred in an ex-bank building on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, California.

Don Bluth studios had their facility there at the time they were doing Space Ace, etc. and while I was visiting with a friend of a friend I picked up a little studio newsletter with a column about the studio cat, written by a Will Finn, accompanied by his own charming illustrations. This Finn was a story guy, or an animator--or both, I can't remember now.
He's done a few things since then(though if he'd done nothing else but supervise the damn clock I'd be in total awe).

Seriously, this blog should be fun and interesting reading. Carry on, Will!


Will Finn said...

Thanks for the plug, Jenny. You're a pal and an inspiration...


Jenny Lerew said...

You're welcome. And thanks for letting me steal your drawing!
But say--who's inspiration for who here? I've looked up to you since I was a little girl!

...OK, not that little--but seriously, I read that "slice o'life in the studio" column and thought "Man! What bliss this guy lives every day! If only!" : )

Anonymous said...

...and Will has looked up to me ever since he was a little boy.

How cool is it to have Will Finn blogging? This is gonna be great!