May 5, 2006

Mark Mayerson-a great addition to your Blogroll

He's just begun his long-anticipated blog, Mayerson On Animation. Interesting reading, fantastic scholarship and no doubt plenty still to come.

His most recent post as of this writing is an entry where he's used the Disney "drafts" for the Mickey Mouse short "The Nifty Nineties" to graphically illustrate exactly which scenes each animator--among them Fred Moore, Ward Kimball, "Bud" Swift and Walt Kelly--did in this Riley Thompson-directed cartoon.

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Tanja said...

It's been quiet lately...with yours and a few other animation-related blogs that I randomly frequent. I'm glad you're still posting! And a nice bunch of interesting things, to read and see, too!



Jenny Lerew said...

Thanks to you--for keeping up with me. : )

Yeah, it's been much crazier than usual--mostly at work, then I was out of town for a while. Between one thing and another--whew! I do miss posting.

Ward Jenkins said...

Yes, glad to have you back, Jenny! Now I can continue to call you at work and then hang up. Tee hee! (I'm quite the nervous guy.)

Seriously, love the drawing here. I almost had me an original Mickey drawing from 1940 (don't know which short it was from) -- I put money down on it, but the company then went bankrupt. Lost it. It was a nice one, too.

Jenny Lerew said...

Thanks, Ward--same old story, been away from the office and extremely busy(aren't we all, though!). I'm working today at home.
That stinks about that drawing...the one that got away. Have you ever looked at the Van Eaton Gallery site? They're a place here in L.A., and while I've been not much of a collector in the last several years, I've bought from them--they have GREAT ,aterial and at what are often good prices. Take a look. I'm really only interested in drawings, too.

Lee-Roy said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Will check it out.