May 30, 2006

A group study

Again, the rougher the better; a neat contrast to the slick animation cleanups we're used to seeing from this era. About this rough: Done with what looks like a fountain pen(it almost has a ball-point pen look, actually), it's a fantastic mass of lines, rhythm and composition. What I noticed Fred Moore did habitually that very few draughtsman did and do is to place any number of figures together without losing the focus or appeal of the overall drawing; there's a reason that when most artists do a sketch, for themselves of someone else, they do one figure: it's easier, faster and most of us don't immediately, naturally see a mass of figures in our heads when we start to draw. Fred Moore, on the other hand, handles one or eight figures with the same aplomb. The "Three Caballeros" painting posted earlier is a superb example of this facility of his.
A graphic juggling act...and he was preternatually good at that, too, by the way--juggling.

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