May 11, 2006


Dave Pimentel has just posted a great taste of the drawing talents of my next door neighbor here at Dreamworks, Ennio Torresan. Ennio is an incredibly talented guy; he's a story artist, and his style is just utterly unique. I've never seen anything quite like it. He was on the crew of "Bee Movie" from the start(he's recently moved onto another project), and in his boards I saw one of the purest examples of an artist who both draws funny things, and draws things funny. Really, really funny. You know something is funny when you're laughing at it the 58th time you've seen it. I do, every time. Laugh.

His acting is terrific--natural, in my humble estimation. Also, when we began drawing the characters on our movie there weren't any set character designs yet--Ennio simply drew everyone and everything in his own, highly individual take, and he still managed to get the perfect distillation of the humor and the attitude of the characters in there, just right.

He's a regular at Dave's bimonthly life drawing/gesture classes at Dreamworks, and the things he did last time are a fine example of the kind of things he sees, and the way he loves drawing. Honestly, I could happily stand behind him and gawp for the entire two hours. He really inspires me and I think you'll get a charge out of his stuff too. So go look!
excerpts from Ennio's life drawings


patrick mate said...

Ennio, a incredible artist ,painter(I love his paintings), great great caricaturist,his brush strokes are deadly. I guess you understood ,I like His work.Thanks jenny for posting our talented neighbour brush sketches.

Meesimo said...

beautiful and inspiring sketches! Thanks for posting them.