May 30, 2006

Fred Moore week

I must always seems like Fred Moore week here--you might think I'm not up on any other animators. Not so!

But I'm obviously not the only one with a soft spot for this endlessly influential artist. Everything I'm posting this week comes from someone whose collecting of Freddy's work predates mine by about 20 years, James Walker. He's graciously offered to share it with anyone anywhere on the internet with an interest.
I'll be adding to this later in the day with some larger images--don't forget to click on the images here in order to open them at their largest size. The really need to be seen as close to the original size as possible.
Starting with one of his many presentation "gift" pictures, I'll also post some very rare rough studies of girls.

As an addendum: this site has a fairly extensive list of Moore's credits, excluding the work he did for George Pal on Pal's "Puppetoons" noted earlier here.

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Willie Baronet said...

It can always be Fred week. :-)