May 29, 2006

A Fred Moore Teaser: Three Caballeros

I start putting up the real deluge tomorrow, but I've just received such a nice email from this gentleman that I'm throwing this one up for him, and for Donnachada. From what I've seen of both of their art, it's no wonder they have a soft spot for Fred Moore's work.
Now, again, a caveat: almost all the images save this one are flat copies, and should scan very well; this is actually a framed-under-glass, very large picture that I photographed by pointing my camera down into an open car trunk. To get rid of most of the glare and the frame, I've cropped it in this way. The important thing is to see the incredibly beautiful drawing and dash of the brushwork, which is plainly evident here, awkward photo or no. Make sure you click on the image-it'll open up into a much larger one, the better to ogle it.

Courtesy of the collection of James Walker


Anonymous said...


Jenny Lerew said...

What you said! ; )

donnachada said...

Wow, Jenny, so glad you went to all the trouble to share this illustration. What a stunner. Such fluid movement. Thanks so much for posting all these Fred drawings. It is really amazing to discover all these treasures which would otherwise be rarely seen. I certainly have not seen many of the illustrations of Fred's that you have posted previously, and can't wait to see what you have uncovered in the future. Seeing this image just made my day, and I'll be looking at it over and over.

Jenny Lerew said...

When I first went through James' stuff I was holding my breath--there was so much stuff that was totally new to me. The drawings were of course the real revelations, but as we talked about, seeing those personal photographs was also...positively stunning; it just seemed to make the guy and his life much of his stuff as most of us have seen here & there(on Shane Glines' site, for instance), there's so much more out there. He had to be one of the most prolific draughtsman ever--and that's not including his animation! I'm going to bring that(the anim. ruffs)down and show you those when I bring them in. Hope you're not too swamped down there(but I'll bet you are).