May 5, 2006

Friday Fred Moore

I have two 11x17" Fred Moore watercolors, probably from the mid-to-late '40s. The other one was scanned and posted here as best I could, but this one's on the wall, so this time I managed to take a photo instead--at least getting the entire figure. The lighting and age of the piece being what they are, it's not the optimum jpeg, but it's still something fun to share.

a detail
I was very very lucky to have found these paintings. They were never offered for public auction or sale, and the seller wasn't even sure if they were Freddie Moore's or not--so I being ever the canny buyer of course blurted out that they were positively Fred's!
Well, I had to, didn't I?


Nick Sung said...

That's CRAZY Jenny Lerew;
you've got all the best stuff!
Thanks for sharing, it's a beautiful painting
(i love the legs) !

willipino said...

so beautiful!

Brian Growe said...

Wow, gotta love that Freddie Moore guy! Thanks Jenny!

Lee-Roy said...

This is great, thanks! How did you know it was positively Fred Moore? Guess he's got a distinct style and probably the content, too. Love that hand on the hip.

Jenny Lerew said...

Hey lee-roy-it's years of looking at copies and originals of Fred's; I've never seen anyone else's work that is that close to looking like his to not know if it's a real Moore. There's just no question about it; here, especially the way the watercolor is applied--it's all super distinctive.