May 15, 2006

Bob Clampett ephemera

The things a closet cleaning can turn up; here it is, barely a week since Bob Clampett's birthday, and I stumble across these things I bought ages ago...I had completely forgotten I had them. They're not only wonderful Clampett things, but just plain old coolness from the 50s animation scene: an unused pass to the Clampett studio(signed by Bob, as you see), and a business card, neat inside and out(it opens to reveal more drawings). So, for your perusal:


David Germain said...

Wow, those are cool.

Hey, speaking of Clampett, are you still in contact with the Clampett kids Bob Jr., Ruth, and Cherie? I ask because I have a suggestion that I'm sure they'd enjoy.

I know of three books that talk about Tex Avery (one of those coming out this August) and Chuck Jones published two autobiographies. However, there are no books about Bob Clampett. None that I know of anyway. The only thing really is that Beany & Cecil DVD. There definitely needs to be something like that in book form.

Shawn Dickinson said...

Wow! That is some really cool stuff! You should frame it!

I agree with David Germain about someone releasing a Bob Clampett book. I've been dreaming of something like that for years now. I've got the Bob Clampett Beany and Cecil DVD, and it's my most favorite DVD I own. A BOOK is definately a must.

Jenny Lerew said...

I hope they do do a book, guys; no, I'm not in contact with the kids at all, and never knew them except very vaguely(I never met Bob Jr. at all)--I think I spoke to Ruth on the phone about 15 years ago...and Cherie would probably never remember me--after all, in my mind she is about 3' tall, with hair down to her waist. ; )

But yeah, a Clampett book would be terrific. I'm sure the family has archives enough to work with, too(John K. would know all about that, as he spent a lot of time with them all). Bob was such a unique man and artist, and made such an indelibly brilliant impact on cartoons--even if his career at WB wasn't as long as some of the others, he made the most out of every last second. he deserves it, alright. Probably get done in France if at all.

Strange Coincidences dept: one other tenuous Clampett-Lerew connection: years ago, while looking at my grandmother's old, old photo albums(she was born in 1902), I came across some hilarious pics of her and her girlfriends hamming it up in boys' clothes with a few guys at the local swimming hole; she'd meticulously written(in white ink--this was an old-fashioned, black-paged album)all the descriptions and names of everyone--and I noticed the name Melvin "Tubby" Millar, under a pic of a young guy who was indeed portly. I knew(from the Jerry Beck book)that that was the name of one of Clampett's writers from the WB cartoons--I was shocked; I asked her about "Tubby" and she remembered he was always drawing and "wanted to be a cartoonist" but she had NO idea he went to Hollywood and really made it! These old pics were taken in Kansas in 1913. My aunt has those books now, I think...but how weird is that? Small world!