May 23, 2006

Free Blackwings...join the hunt!

If you're clever, and you're around Burbank, you can find it! GO NOW!
The first clues are up!

These babies cost at least 25 bucks per on Ebay IF you can find one and win it--so get going! Believe me, it'll be worth it. They're sublime writing instruments.


Marlo said...

what a freaking fun game! i want to play once i move there!

Hey how did you know me and eddie had pizza?

Jenny Lerew said...

I know! That guy is nuts...and I completely blew it, didn't figure it out at all this time--oh well!

Heh--I wasn't stalking you guys!--I think I read it on your blog when you posted all the cool drawings--either that, or Katie said something about it, OR--well, John always goes out for pizza with Eddie--I mean, I don't think they go out & eat anything else..yep, that last one might be why I thought so. ; D

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Hi Jenny!

For a long time I thought the "Blackwing" in Blackwing Diaries referred to something in a sword and sorcery book. Or maybe something in a film like "Beast Master."


Jenny Lerew said...
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