Jun 2, 2006

Moore Girls

From "Fantasia": animation drawings by Fred; click them to make them open much larger(it's worth it):

From "All The Cats Join In"-a segment from "Melody Time":

Seeing drawings such as these convinced me that Fred was still well able to produce great work, although the Animation Board at Disney let him go not long after..I'm sure the situation was complicated. At any rate, unlike most other artists who were let go over the years(in fact, almost exceptionally) he was rehired in 1948, and continued there until he died in 1952.


Rocco said...

Holy cow! That page of figure sketches from "All the Cats" is unbelievable! The one with the skirt has such a beautiful line of action, but the counter motion and follow through of the cloth and hair make great accents to the action and really bring it to life.

It's amazing how effortless these drawings are compared to the Caballeros animation drawings you posted earlier. Is that original drawn in pencil? The scan almost looks like a ballpoint pen line, but I'm not sure they had ballpoints back then.

Jenny Lerew said...

Hey Rocco--yes, these "Cats" sketches are all in pencil--the scan does make it look like a pen, but it's just impossible(esp. given the aging of the paper)to get the proper contrast and look of the line from a xerox scan...The lines on these are indeed amazing.

Kevin Langley said...

Wow!! These are amazing. The sketches from All The Cats Join in are real treat. I love that cartoon. Thanks so much for posting these. This is one of my favorite blogs.

Willie Baronet said...

Love your blog and comments about Fred. What a grand tribute. :-)

david said...