Jun 9, 2006

Another Lampwick

be sure to click this one, the better to see the detail


Anonymous said...

Moores rough animation is so deceptively simple! I could draw for days and never get that simplicity and directness in my posing. I guess you either got it or you don't.

One of the things about his drawings that I have always dug is how they flow so smoothly. They just seem to come together without a whole lot of effort. I use to hear stories that Moore would go into the studio half snookered, midway through the day, and then sit down and pound out several days worth of footage in a few hours.

EVery once in a while I will get into a zone where the drawings seem to flow quick and easilly but it is rare. Making a good drawing takes a hell of a lot of effort ,for most of us, but occasionally you run into those rare individuals who can see the scene. Moore was likely one of those guys: I can only assume that he usually went with what was more or less his first instinct and ran with it.

Anonymous said...

When I first arrived at Disney back in the fifties, pretty much all the drawings I saw had this kind of looseness and energy.

Over the years, animation drawing appears to have gotten tighter and tighter. Perhaps bending to technology. A shame really. It's drawings like this that attracted me to animation in the first place.

I hate to say it, but the advances in technology hasn't help the art of animation all that much in my opinion.

Patrick said...

This has got to be one of the top 5 animation related blogs out there right now (at least for me). Great stuff as always. Thanks for sharing!

Kevin Langley said...

I love these Moore drawings you post, where do you get them? Also, what do you think of his work at Lantz studio. Andy Panda never looked better. Very Mickey like but still better.

Jenny Lerew said...

Hey Klangley-These drawings from the last two weeks are all from one man's collection, James Walker; he's loved and studied the work of Fred Moore(and Norm Ferguson and others)since the early 1970s--so he got a jump on most of us! He started in the animation business at that time, and met friends of Fred's, collecting stories about them and the way things were back in the 30s-50s. He's really carried the torch for Fred's talents, acquiring a drawing here and there, one at a time. Allowing me to post them is incredibly generous of him. : )

sam michlap said...

I found your site and love it!! It's such a great collection of art in one place. I'm linking you to my new blog. I too was at a large animation company in Glendale for 10 years. Thanks again for the great blog.
Sam Michlap