Jun 7, 2006

A. Film L.A.: Action Analysis Class - Jan. 30th, 1936

A. Film L.A.: Action Analysis Class - Jan. 30th, 1936

So, my animation friends and colleagues--ever wondered what it would have been like if you had made it into Disney's in the halcyon days of the Hyperion studio, when Ward and Frank, Milt and Marc were new hires--and Fred Moore and Fergy ruled the roost as new stars of the Disney studio, the most prestigious and famous animation workplace in history?

Sure you have. But daydreaming can only take you so far...so how about dropping into a 7-9 pm class arranged by Walt to critique one of the recent shorts(pre-release), pick it apart scene by scene--and sometimes action by action--and vote on what works and why?

Hans Perk has spent a lot of effort and made a considerable financial outlay to find these "Action Analysis" class notes from the mid-thirties, and has posted a few of them. The link above is for the 1936 film "Orphan's Picnic". It's an education to read this and realize just how much these guys were pushing themselves...and this was management's idea! It's a great one, too. Hans' blog is a treasure trove of this kind of material. Take a look at all of it--it's terrific.

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