Jun 2, 2006

detail from an earlier post

To all who drop by for the first time top have a look at these Fred Moore gems from the James Walker collection--welcome!
I have a sheaf of new drawings to post today, from Snow White, Fantasia, Pinocchio, and more; it'll be up by 12:30 PST.
This week is all Fred Moore, but just so you know, there are other posts I've written over the past several months relevent to Fred Moore here:

One sketch--long caption: Fred Moore musings

Fred Moore, Art Babbitt and Larry Clemmons at the Disney Hyperion studio, 1932

Fred Moore-snapshots from life

Reluctant Dragon, part one

Thanks for visiting--and enjoy!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for keeping the memory of my father alive.

What a lovely surprise to stumble upon!