Feb 2, 2006

Disneyland: Frontierland

One more of the large-format Disneyland attraction posters:

I chose to post this as it's a lesser-seen image.
What a great design: bold, full of interest, action, even the distant promise of adventure in the faraway fort--if you can get to it!
This part of Disneyland--the "Rivers of America" and Tom Sawyer's Island--were like separate vacation destinations of their own. Once a kid was able to get a ride on a keel boat or a raft to the Island sans mom or dad, he was free. The terrors of Injun Joe's cave with it's horrible howling, the underground tunnel to the fort--even the gated forbidden zone of the "indian village"--all these things added up to the ultimate runaway fantasy of kiddom.


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Bob Logan said...


Now you're speakin' to me!

Just look at it!

I loooooooove those posters!