Feb 5, 2006

Ah, blogging

It seems "Blogger, Inc." was down for over 5 hours yesterday. A bit of a drag, as not only was I unable to access or edit my own posts, but more importantly I was denied the fun of looking at other blogs to my heart's content--when I actually had some time. Figures.

I am mindful that these pages are advertised as written by "a story artist", and so I intend to post on topics near and dear to the story person: pitching; drawing; thinking story; the value of watching films, observing life, reading. I hope this will be interesting. Obviously I can't be at all specific about my current or recent projects, but the details of various productions really don't matter--the principles are always the same.

I also mean to write about certain people who have inspired and helped me--as it happens, in story. Not that any of them lack tribute: Joe Ranft and Maurice Noble. There are others, but these two have as special a place in my heart as they do in hundreds of others. As for Maurice, if I had to call it all quits tomorrow working alongside him and knowing him a little would have made it all worthwhile.

Maurice waxes expansive as only he could do. c. 1997
So, that's my plan.
That, and to post some more funny old ephemera. There's a great big folder full of Disney strike handouts.

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Josh Bowman said...

You have a great blog going here Jenny, the amount of resources you are able to get your hands on and share is awesome. And I really like your artwork, it's so full of life. I'm looking forward to your posts on storyboarding and story stuff too.

Jenny Lerew said...

Thanks, Josh! Believe me, it's great to know it's of interest--and many thanks for the kind words on the artwork. : )

J said...

Hey Jenny,
I'm glad to hear that you're taking it in this direction. I anxiously await your thoughts on this stuff and anticipate the impending discussions.
Good stuff.

Dave James said...


I just put a link to your blog on mine.

I listed it as BlackWingDiaries. Would you rather I put "Jenny"?


Jenny Lerew said...

Hi Dave-"Blackwing Diaries" is fine, thanks!
James-thanks as always for the kind words of support! : )

MikeS said...

I for one find it ectremely interesting! I'm really looking forward to reading about your thoughts and process.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, great to see Maurice again. He was that rare artist who remained relevant long after others had lost it. I didn't know you had worked with him. I was lucky enough to spend some time working with him and would love to hear any stories.

And I like the idea of gearing it more towards story, pitching, etc. I don't think there's anything out there like that.

Jenny Lerew said...

Jim--you did?! I'd love to hear your stories, too. Enough good stuff can't be said about Maurice...I honestly felt that it could be said that he died too soon--at 90. As you know, he had it all still going on right up til the end. I think about him quite a lot.

Cholki said...

Great blog here like a ticket to watching the old mousekateer show. Look foreward to your ideas on pitching and story.

pbcbstudios said...

i think we're on the same path with our blogs! i just posted a little tale about joe grant on mine. i can't wait to read about your experiences!