Aug 10, 2007

Mary Blair's Cinderella visdev

Coming out later this month from Disney Press. Kudos to them.
I had completely forgotten about this new book, and was surprised when it popped up today on my Amazon "recommended" page(gee, wonder how they guessed that one?).


Anonymous said...

ooh, cool!
i gotta look into that.

i missed seeing you at the con!

Anonymous said...

I'm delighted to know there are still a few smart people at Disney who know how to use the incredible development art that has been packed away for decades.

This new book is really cool, and there's more to come.

Didier Ghez said...

Floyd: the "there's more to come" part of your post is extremely exciting!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, thank s for letting us know Jenny, I had no idea this was being published.

Jenny Lerew said...

Barry, darn it! I missed you by *that* much.
I am sure I annoyed my companions during dinner with my frequent cries of "what? YOU saw him too?! How did I miss him?" Nuts.

I hope you had fun and scored some good stuff!

Jenny Lerew said...

Didier--Floyd is correct (as far as I am aware). I'm sure plenty of mouth-watering goodies are on their way from the offices of FA to our coffee tables in the coming years. And for that I am extremely grateful.