Aug 2, 2007


what it's all about: Rej Bourdages' son Jake contemplates the force

No, this isn't going to be a slam on the venerable San Diego Comic Con. I just couldn't resist the title--why not recast the verb for the purposes of titling the grueling-yet-satisfying con experience?

The main thing about San Diego is the enormity of it. There were at least several booths I'd specifically wanted to visit, and yet not only did I not happen to stumble by them, I completely forgot about them until the next day. People and stuff I'd looked forward to seeing for a year. That'll give anyone a good idea of how intense the thing is. But I wasn't ever idle during my six hours on the floor of the exhibition hall: Stuart Ng Books, Bud Plant, Illustration House, Graphic Collectibles(seeing original Sullivant and Gibson and Hurst drawings and paintings and actually contemplating buying them almost made the entire trip worth it alone), Red Window, Chris Sanders, Conduct Happiness, Van Eaton Galleries, and the myriad smaller vendors and individuals whose wares were fun and appealing...all that and a peck of stormtroopers.

Part of the haul:


Vanwall said...

It really is overwhelming to a large degree, and can be a grueling slog in the desert if one has a bum leg - hadda stick to prop me up, and eventually saw everything I think I needed to. First time in years I didn't make a third pass on the floor. Glanced at those same originals, along with other pricey bits, but no joy there - only fluttering moths left in the pocketbook after reasonable voices in my head forced the rational choices....mostly. Wouldn't be the Con without some stupifyingly cool and cruelly priced graphics ending up in the trunk of my car. Got a nice smile outta Elvira as she passed - liked my skimmer, I guess, or maybe because I tipped it to the lady. 20-some-odd years, now, and I still look for'ard to it. Glad to see you had fun.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

"A Cartoonist's Philosophy," what a great title for a book! What was his philosophy? I'm dying to know!

Jenny Lerew said...

Ha! I knew you'd take that bait, Eddie!
Do you know Percy Crosby? He wrote "Skippy", which was a super-popular strip of the 20s and 30s...the book is certainly different; I haven't finished it yet but I'll be glad to share some of the oddities.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Percy Crosby!? Son of a Gun! I'll be interested to see what those oddities are!

Kali Fontecchio said...

YOu didn't visit us! But that's ok- I just put up pics from comic con- exhausting!

Jenny Lerew said...

I saw your pics, Kali--I thought you & the Meek weren' going to be there Thursday. Sigh. I missed a lot of people I heard were there later, darn it.