Aug 9, 2007

Bruce Timm's sketchbook cover

Of all the items to miss at the con...I didn't even know he was doing them. This is I believe #3.
Bruce has been a big influence on a lot of people who in some cases might not even know it. Back in the day I never saw anyone, anywhere so facile with a brush pen and markers...and with such singularly appealing results. He's got a great color sense and I was agog at the rare watercolor(or gouache) of his that I'd see.

So I've got to track one of these babies down. Stuart Ng has them, at a price.


Cookedart said...

Aargh! I missed this too!

Don't you hate missing things at Comic-con?

Anonymous said...

i hate to be the one to tell you this but it's his fifth one and they are all VERY cool. as an aside i just happened to find your site while looking for Chris Sanders stuff and it's real nice. i will definetly be coming back to look here again. thanks for having a cool blog!

Thijs said...

same here your site is choice! thanks for taking the time to educate people on these things!