Aug 4, 2007

Chris Sanders

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Cartoon Brew beat me to the announcement of Chris Sanders' new website, but they get ten times my traffic anyway. It's all good.

In an industry with so many talented artists, this man still manages to be utterly unique. That his particular style of drawing hits the mark for a passel of people was made very plain to me after last year's Comicon, where my offhanded posting of his sketchbook cover brought many many inquiries from people who just had to get a copy of that little book. This year he was back with a larger Volume II, as well as the beautiful vinyl figure pictured above. Add to that the fact that now he has his very own website sure to be filled with wonderful drawings and there's plenty of eye candy for everyone to drink in and enjoy.

a page from Chris' online sketchbook

I'm also personally fortunate that he happens to be working at the same place I am right now, preparing a new film in its early stages that he'll direct. He's a great guy who exudes sunniness, so I guess yet again the drawings don't lie.


Lee-Roy said...

Yeah, lots of great stuff on there and growing. I'm blown away by his talent!

Anonymous said...

I first met Chris while working on "Mulan" at Disney back in 1994. It only took me a few days to realize he was an exceptional talent.

Allowing Chris Sanders to leave Disney was a very big mistake. Then again, they're not known for making very wise decisions these days, are they?

Acetate (Frank Ziegler) said...

Is the new film 2-D by any chance?

yoxx said...

i love these characters...