Apr 4, 2007

Pimentel--él lo hace otra vez

I hope I got the title right. It's supposed to say "he does it again".

Dave's most recent post is an upload of the drawings he was able to dash off in yesterday's gesture drawing class at Dreamworks, which he organizes. Since he spends most of the the pose time walking around, helping people out and talking to the group at large he gets little time to draw himself, so the drawings posted aren't cherry-picked. Lots to learn by looking at them, I think...also, it's my favorite model. She's a girl who has a terrific sense of grace and action in posing, and is blessed with a form that is beautifully proportioned--perfect for animation.


Yayo said...

Yes, you wrote it perfectly right ^g^

I love your works, keep it up!

AmiDA said...

dave's a pro!!! brilliant drawing :)

Anonymous said...

"lo hace de nuevo"