Apr 13, 2007

The Mousetrap, Part 2

Two pages of caricatures and the inside back cover of this one-off parodical Disney magazine. Pardon the quality of the scans--the interior pages are an off white, slightly textured bond that makes for trouble in reproduction.
Some of the subjects of caricatures are well known, and a few others are unidentified by me. Anyone want to chime in on the more obscure ones?
The "undraped model" notice seems very much in the vein of Ward Kimball.


mark kennedy said...

Wow, two posts in one day!!! Great stuff, thanks for posting these!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Terrific caricatures! At least one Disney film, maybe more, used caricatures in the credits. They should have done that for every film. It's a shame to waste stuff this good!

Jenny Lerew said...

Eddie--yes "The Reluctant Dragon" had caricatures in the titles(I can't think of any other off the bat)--I actually made screen grabs of those frames and posted about them a year ago. If you do a search of my blog it'll come up if you'd like to see them--I believe they were all done by T. Hee. These here are terrific indeed, and at least some are also by T. This sure goes to what John said about the value of caricaturing your friends, doesn't it?

ron said...


I have an original of this magazine and some of the cartoons have been signed in pencil by the artists so if you still require some of the names let me know