Aug 28, 2006

Happy Monday

I wrote about her a few weeks ago, but as she's recently posted such appealing drawings on her blog I link once again to Mlle
Aurélie Blard-Quintard.
We just bid her farewell upon her return to live and work in her own Paris--a loss to animation here. Just look and enjoy her irresistible sketchbook. Lovely stuff.

One of the great things about working where I do is the chance to brush shoulders with a large contingent of artists from all over the world. I'm constantly marveling at the dash, style, technique and perspective of all these super artists, some of which are linked here and over at Patrick Mate's blog, as well as at Cartoon Brew. For inspiration and plain visual candy, you'll find these men and women hard to beat.


Scott Wright said...

Sad to see Aurelie go back to France...looking forward to more posts from her and from you.

Anonymous said...

Her sketches remind me of Ronnie Del Carmen's work.

Faff said...

Thanks so much for linking to this. On my work lunch break I like to check out animation related blogs because so many wonderful artists are posting on them. Aurelie's work reminds me of Posy Simmonds kids books and I've added both your and her blogs to my favourites to check back on. Thanks again

Julie said...

wow! She's terrific.I watched her
My Film,Emily & le hamsterosaurus-Rex. Wonderful.