Aug 17, 2006

from my garage...

Yes, really. The garage. I'd forgotten I still had this drawing from "Nifty Nineties". Features two "clever boys from Illinois"-caricatures of Ward Kimball and Fred Moore, designed by the indefatigable Kimball. These two also provided their own voices, a real rarity.

Animated by Ward and assisted by Tom Oreb, who probably cleaned up Ward's drawing here--although Ward said he did much of the cleanup himself on this ultra-fast, low-budgeted Mickey Mouse cartoon, a gap project between "Reluctant Dragon" and "Dumbo".


Anonymous said...

I sure miss the way animation drawings use to look. With the advent of xerox and eventually digital scanning, the drawings always had this super cleaned up appearance.

In the "old days" the drawings were roughed with colored pencils. Even after they were cleaned up, they still maintained their scruffy image. I can't help but think much of the energy of the drawings were somehow lost because of the "process."

Maybe with Wacom's Cintiq tablet, drawing can return to animation.

mark kennedy said...

What do you mean "in the garage"? Is that an original or a copy?

If you have a lot of extra drawings around you don't need I'm sure we can find a nice home for them!

Jenny Lerew said...

I mean, it was in a box in my garage, and yes, it's a real, original, c.1941 drawing. Yikes! ; ) I'd totally forgotten that I still owned it...I got this one from Howard of his earlier auctions--around 1993 or so I think. I hadn't seen this in so long that I thought I'd sold it or given it to someone of something(what a memory, eh?).

It was nicely put away with one of Glen's from Great Mouse that Steve H. got me a-way back when(when he wwas working on it, that is)...a nice Ratigan rough. That one I have to post too, what the heck.

David Germain said...

The guy with the shillalah looks a bit like Ward. B)

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Holy Mackeral! That's a great drawing! Thanks for putting it up!

Ward Jenkins said...

This IS great! Thanks for sharing with us, Jenny. Can't get enough of Kimball and Moore!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,

Great site! I visit it all the time. I believe the character at the bottom right is Freddie Moore.


Ward Jenkins said...

I believe that Jenny was mentioning that Tom Oreb was the assistant on this scene, not Oreb as the character there.

(And I never knew that Oreb did any assistant work. I thought he just did background layout and character design.)

Marc Crisafulli said...

This was an 'ultra-fast,
low-budgeted Mickey Mouse cartoon' ?

It bloggles the mind!

~two, three, four~

Jenny Lerew said...

Hey Marc, yes indeedy; I believe Ward said they did it in something like a month--the animation, I mean. Of course he might have been exaggerating. I think someone out there has the production schedule for it. But this was by Disney standards a low-budget cartoon.

intergalactic said...

Hi Jenny,

Hey haven't been reading the blogs all that much but just got back from some camping and a san francisco trip.

While in sf my wife and I dropped in on the disney store and were really impressed by a new line up of t-shirts and cloths with some wonderfully loose drawings of more than a few classic disney characters.

Any thoughts on who might be doing these, maybe an animator or just a hired gun with the gift?

Anywho the the drawing you posted made me think of them.