Aug 13, 2006

Didier Ghez loves Disney history

One of a series of French Mickey Mouse posters that Didier has posted to his blog; his appreciation of the rare and unusual in Disney history is something he clearly loves to share

I've meant for weeks to point visitors here to a recently-formed, indispensable blog:
Didier Ghez' Disney History.

Another amazing rarity: a very young Milt Kahl appears on the cover of this french animation book

His blog is brand spanking new and already he's posted some choice items, many of which he'd love to know more about. Since Blackwing readers are amazingly astute when it comes to cartoon history why not drop by his place and have a look around? Some interesting dialogues are sure to ensue.

Didier also edits and contributes interviews to a series of books he's compiled titled "Walts People". There are interviews with dozens of Disney artists spanning the last 40 years or so. I have Volume 3 and am still working through it--it's great stuff. Volume 4 is on the way for later this fall.
Nothing beats hearing information direct from the source.
Dive into his blog and enjoy.


David Germain said...

Milt Kahl with hair??!!! That IS a rare find. Well done. One of the many reasons I love this blog. B)

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Thanks or the tip about Didier! I just took a look at the blog and it's full of things I haven't seen anywhere else.

I'm familiar with the french animation book you talked about. It's a great size for an art book and the layouts are superb!

Unknown said...

There is other french poster for Mickey :
- Mickey Mélomane
- Mickey Galant
- Mickey Marin
- Mickey Mécano (Mickey's Mechanical Man?)
- Mickey laboureur (The Plow Boy)