Aug 14, 2006

Golden info

If you haven't been by Mark Kennedy's blog lately, you're missing out on some truly great stuff:

Temple of the Seven Golden Camels: Design and Drawing

Must-read material. Stuff like this makes me lunge for a good pencil--or at least feel like lunging for one.

Bob Winquist would be very proud(and that's saying something).

a Ronald Searle sketchbook page Mark uses for discussion in his notes on drawing and design


David Germain said...

I learned a bunch of that back in animation school, but it never hurts to refresh oneself every once in a while.

mark kennedy said...

You're too nice, Jenny, you embarrass me with your nice plug!

If only I had listened to Bob back then I would be much better with this stuff now. He was truly amazing.

Jenny Lerew said...

Ha! keep writing stuff such as this and you'll be embarrassed plenty!

Seriously, I hadn't checked your blog in a while(or my own, the time's just not been there lately), and I was agog at the great lessons. Funny you mentioned Bob, too, as over the weekend I was cleaning out the garage and found one of my 1st year notebooks from Design class, so I was thinking about it and Bob W. What an incredible class that was...we were so lucky to have him. I know damn well he'd be thrilled to have had you come back & teach(which you've done, right?), reading these posts. I hope whereever he is that he finds them. But anyway, great, great stuff.

mark kennedy said...

I would love to see that notebook!