Jan 7, 2009

Where's Walt? a Disney photographic mystery posed by Michael Barrier

Please click this photograph of Walt Disney somewhere in (I believe) Irish waters in 1946, and see if you can tell what shoreline that may be behind him. Is it England? Could it be America?

In the course of his years of research, author Michael Barrier (his latest, "The Animated Man: A Life of Walt Disney" is a must) has collected a lot of fascinating ephemera, including a couple of photos of Walt that even he can't be exactly sure of--though he gets pretty close. The above is one of two that show Walt on board ship in late 1946.
I borrow it here as I know that a 1) a lot of Irish and UK people read this blog and might be able to ID a black and white image from the late 40s, and 2) because it's not often enough that I point readers to the Barrier blog, which always has plenty of interest to enjoy.
Michael Barrier
photograph of Walt Disney from michaelbarrier.com


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm pretty sure it's not Ireland or England- Those boxcars on the barge look very american. I suspect one of them is lettered for the New York Central or the P&LE. Did Walt travel to the east coast at the time?


Anonymous said...

If you haven't already seen this...

A 1938 Disney rejection letter telling a woman only young men are allowed to animate.

Thought this was interesting.