Jan 9, 2009

Devin Crane Paints Love And Tears

If it seems like I'm doing a lot of plugs lately it's simply that there's so much going on that's worth knowing about. Even if you're not local to Los Angeles(or California), there's always the the chance to go to a gallery's website and digitally browse an artist's show from anywhere on the globe.

In two weeks the very talented Devin Crane will have an opening of his show "Love and Tears" at the Helford Gallery in Culver City. Devin is a development artist at Dreamworks by day, and he's just as busy painting like a madman in his private time as well. He often focuses on the female form (though not exclusively) and many of his portraits are based on people he knows well.
He grew up in L.A.(as it seems so few people actually have), with a movie-loving kid's imagination, and all the odd contradictions that this strange place offers an artist. This show will feature some lovely, melancholic, textured imagery. Go see it.

It opens on Saturday, January 24 at 7pm.

Love and Tears
Paintings by Devin Crane
Corey Helford Gallery
8522 Washington BLVD
Culver city Ca, 90232


Pete Emslie said...

Wow, Devin's art is incredible! after seeing these samples you've posted here, I looked up his website through Google to see some more of his work. I love the ironic humour to the titles of his pieces as well. Admittedly, I prefer the samples that are real paintings more than the digital work, but all of it shows impeccable craftsmanship and is highly inspiring. I'm guessing that he's painting in acrylics, but am wondering if it may be oils. Perhaps Devin could weigh in here on his working methods, as I'd love to know more about his process.

Thanks so much for posting these, Jenny, and making me aware of Devin Crane!

Glen said...

Wait a minute... A blond? Eve was a blond?? I just knew it!! Well I'll be dipped in cement and mounted on a mantle. That explains a lot of things!!

Moro Rogers said...

These are really nice! Does he have a blog?