Dec 29, 2007

Your Friend the Rat-the Little Golden Book version

If you haven't been by Jim Capobiano's blog lately you might not yet know that there's a new Little Golden Book out that's going to be a must-have. It's a companion piece to his wonderful short film "Your Friend The Rat" that debuted on the "Ratatouille" DVD release.

I snagged the above image from the Amazon website, which is where I suspect Jim got the cover shot he posts on his blog; he says the color is off and he'll soon post a more accurate one(it's really got to annoy when one works so hard on these things to see wrong color advertising it anywhere). For more information about it, hie yourselves over to Jim's blog pronto.
He's been busy putting up some very interesting posts with behind the scenes tidbits about the making of his film-this is really gold.
photo of Scott Morse by Jim Capobianco, courtesy of his blog

I love seeing the process and reading about what people go through at work. Jim had a special added investment, something usually extracurricular to a director/story person's normal plethora of jobs: he cowrote the song that ends the short film. That little song, sung in character by "Remy" and "Emile" was so charming...also pretty darned clever--and the visual accompaniment a tasty treat.

I'm sure the short needs no touting from me to entice anyone to watch it, but honestly, along with the feature itself(a film that I think plays better with repeated viewings-what a pleasure that is to say), it was such a great gift to put it on the DVD. Superior work by everyone, and lots to be inspired by.


gemini82 said...

Thanks for this wonderful post. It is always interesting to see someones process,especially a short film.

I remember watching Alex Woo's Rex Steele Nazi Smasher a few years ago, really interesting behind the scenes material.

Floyd Norman said...

That short film was a real delight. I had the pleasure of working with Jim at both Disney and Pixar.

This talented young man has done good, and I'm looking forward to more cool stuff from him in the future.

samacleod said...

I just saw Dave P's copy, really nice book. Those guys are so productive it makes me sick!

Lee-Roy said...

Oo-oo-ooh! I still haven't watched the DVD and so I have not seen this short! I can't wait! And the book looks great, too!

Exclamation marks!!!