Dec 2, 2007

Show and Tell-Mickey Mouse Ephemera

click to view at a decent size

I've been tidying my drawing area trying to cull the unnecessary stuff, and just for fun I thought I'd share this keen pencil box, a birthday gift from my friend Elinor. I've had it on my desk for ages, propped up where I can look at it--the colors and general fun of the thing are a nice bit of eyecandy for the workspace.


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty vintage to me - very nice.

Robert said...

Wow. Mickey's got a serious tan there. It occurs to me that at some point they decided to change him from whiteface to caucasian colored. It wasn't technicolor that precipitated that because the early color Mickeys still show him as ultra white.

martyweil said...

ephemera lends itself perfectly to the show-and-tell format. And this Mickey Mouse piece is amazing. Great post.