Dec 22, 2007

Christmas 'round the corner

A million things to do, and with work steaming along right up to the brink of the break, posting has become an intangible dream at the Blackwing factory. Just for kicks I'll post a few of the entries of Christmas past this weekend; fun graphics and perhaps entirely new to more recent visitors.

Hope everyone's doing their duty in the malls and byways of the planet, taking time to breathe--and enjoying the filmic qualities of this most noisy/twinkling time of year. My own (early 20th-century street designed)street has transformed into Bedford Falls lately--the happy version.


Vanwall said...

Happy Holidays, Mistress Blackwing!!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Really nice cards!!! I now how you feel about being busy. I haven't had a half hour free for a week now!

Here's hoping that you have a great Christmas!!!