Jul 1, 2007


A completely non-animation-related post. I can't even get away with the old Pixar-Apple/2 degrees of separation anymore. Nevertheless-

Pasadena, Friday night; a nice dinner out. Afterwards: "Isn't the Apple store on this block? Let's go check out the suckers waiting in line for the phone".

5 minutes later...

It's pretty cool, I must say. While it's true that out in the middle of nowhere(that would mean greater Los Angeles County without a high speed wireless network handy, like, at a Starbucks) the AT&T internet is slow, the functions of the phone and the ease of use are revolutionary. Now all I've got to do is pray there aren't any buggy surprises in the offing.

That's my old phone on the table at work yesterday. I took the picture with the iPhone. It takes good pictures if you aren't waving it around.


Anonymous said...

I thought people had to wait hours and hours to get an I phone,or that they were sold out. It sounded pretty easy in your case, esp. if it only took 5 minutes...
Just curious--
Is it true that:
A)there's a hefty monthly charge,
B) that you can't change the battery without going back to the Mac Store
C) that the battery charge is really short

Jenny Lerew said...

Yeah, I thought so too--it was my shock at strolling in, no line(though there were lots of people crowding about trying to play with the demo phones), and being asked immediately how many iphones I'd like. Ulp! Another one bites the dust!
The monthly charge is 59.95, not el cheapo, that's true. 2 year service plan.

The battery charges just fine the old fashioned way--I've recharged it once so far. I think the battery drains faster if you use the video feature heavily, which I did the first night I had it. That said, the phone came fully charged out of the box and it held a charge from Friday night to late Sunday afternoon with lots of playing time. I didn't mind that. I think the battery thing is the fact that you can't replace or remove the battery yourself, and the NY TIMES says that it likely has a life of 2 years with normal use--meaning you;d have to take it to the Apple store to replace the battery.
Hope that helps! It is a keen thing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.
This slick li'l gadget is still more phone than I need personally,( I'd always be playing with it, and would never get any work done!) but I hope all who got to get one enjoy it!