Jun 30, 2007

Scott Morse

From the blog of Mr. Morse. I post this so anyone stumbling across the Blackwing Diaries this morning will click right now and have a look at what this prolific artist is up to lately(even busier than usual getting ready for San Diego next month-but a few weeks off now). How he finds the time for all this personal work while juggling the gallery shows, his own publishing imprint, his day job and his young family I don't know, but it's inspiring--if exhausting--to think about.
I used this painting because I just really love it--especially how he's handled the girl. Great stuff. Dare I say he works the paint bottles(and I assume they're still squeeze bottles)like a chef?
So saunter on over and see his ukeleles.


J said...

Scott is not only a machine but a helluva nice guy too.
He's prolific personified.

Jenny Lerew said...

Thanks, J. He is indeed. Thanks for adding that-I was going to, but thought I'd be gushing...well, what of it? Nice guys deserve gushing-and Scott is one of the nicest(you can tell the nice guys by the way people's faces light up when they're mentioned). All his friends down here are very proud of him.