Jul 5, 2007

Hanging Art Break

I love mobiles, but it can be hard to find really good ones that aren't expensive. These were fairly cheap--the owl is from Fredflare.com; the hen from a scandinavian online store.

These two are in my office at work. And I admit it--I'm playing around a bit with my new phone...there's something so satisfying about snapping a picture, mailing it to your online email account, and uploading it from there to Flickr in about 2 minutes.
This is just a little bit of photographic eye candy. In the main my office isn't too spectacular decoration-wise; there are some here that(as might be expected)really look like they're inhabited by an artist. Ward Jenkins once posted some snaps of his workspace when he was back in Atlanta(he's at Laika in Portland now), and wow. That was one fun looking desk area.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! A 'mobile phone'!

mr.ed said...

i like the mobiles too (and this couple they have a great style)

Lester Hunt said...

The San Francisco poster on your wall! It gives me poster-envy!