Jun 20, 2007

Luigi, tu sei un artista incredibile

The image and idea for this post are freshly swiped from Cartoon Brew, but you can't over-promote something like this: Lou Romano has done a New Yorker cover.

A New Yorker cover. The great one. The pinnacle of illustration platforms. The one magazine that strictly provides a forum for illustrative art on its cover almost 100 years after its inception.
Coincidentally(and it really is), he has a starring role on a film he worked on in visual development coming out soon, too. This isn't suprising as Lou was likely acting before he was drawing--or most likely it was simultaneous.

His cover looks typically beautiful.

And I can think of at least one man who wouldn't be in any way, shape or form the teensiest bit suprised at this cover, and in fact was certain sure of it a long time ago. I can almost hear him predicting it. He probably did.
Congratulations, Lou.

(and many thanks to Dave Derrick for the instant Italian translation-in a pinch)


Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to meet Lou a few months back at the Ancient Book of Myth and War thing at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra. He seemed to be a seven-year-old in a man's body; completely full of wonder and absent of pretense. And so gentle! I hope he gets more big-time gigs like this.

Kali Fontecchio said...

DROOOL. Sorry my comments are so sophmoric. But I am drooling!