Jul 7, 2006

Red-headed She-devil of Drawing

Marlo by me

Have you guys met this woman yet? I haven't, in real life, but I've admired her drawings:


She's an insane, powerful cartoonist. Talk about drawings with guts! And they're funny. I'm not usually into certain extreme styles(not a boast, btw--a confession), but this lady's work is solid through & through. Fun stuff!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice drawings, and darn funny as well.

And, we thought only guys could be zany cartoonists. This is Girls Gone Wild, and in a very good way.

John S. said...

Huge fan of Marlo. And Katie Rice. And YOU!
The knock on women in this business is that they all draw "soft". The 3 of you sure put the lie to THAT stereotype!
You guys prove that cartooning is NOT just for guys!
Very inspiring!

David Germain said...

I just did my own version of Marlo. Check it out!