Jul 6, 2006

The Blackwing is dead....long live the Blackwing?

...the pencil, that is, not the blog.

Animation Podcast's Clay Kaytis was kind enough to forward this swell blog post, wherein another afficionado of the great gray pencil(and a much more dedicated one)posts his discovery--after personal experimenting--of a possible successor to the discontinued Blackwing.

Here it is: The Search For the Wild Blackwing.


Eddie Fitzgerald said...

The article you linked to failed to mention the magesterial Tombow 4B, which is still being made.

Eddie F.

Don Shank said...

YES! The Tombow Mono series. My favorite!!

WoodChuck said...

Found your site through your comment and link @ Ninth Wive Designs. Hope you'll defitely give the Palomino a ride.

I love animation work. My grandfather was a writer for Disney back in the day. Some of the things he worked on were animated.

Patrick said...

I've used the Palomino, it's a very nice pencil, but I can't say I feel it comes close enough to the blackwing to be it's successor. My vote would have to go to the Tombow 4B hands down.