Feb 10, 2009

Shane P. and Shannon T. and Coraline J.

Shane Prigmore and Shannon Tindle are swell guys: friendly, generous with thoughts and props, and fun. They also draw and design like a bat out of heck.
At top is an example of Shane's work; Shannon's is below; click to enlarge them(and there's much more where they came from-see the links below to their blogs).

Dreamworks has them right now, but several years ago they were working on a stop-motion feature based on an exceptional book by Neil Gaiman, my new favorite author(be sure to read his latest, "The Graveyard Book", which just won the Newbery medal as the outstanding children's book of the year-also keeping in mind that in my opinion Gaiman, like all great authors, doesn't write so much for children as for himself).

I went to see "Coraline" on Sunday. It's a film that both men gave a lot to, along with many other brilliant artists.
I should probably do a separate post just about the film, but for now here's a sampling of some beautiful work Shane is sharing on his own blog, and Shannon's equally inspiring paintings are here. Go see--there's a lot more and it's all simply wonderful.

Lastly, here's a link to what's far and away the best of the several Coraline trailers, on YouTube. Really worth watching, even if you've seen the others.




I am going to cry. That is so , so kind and sweet of you to say. we both miss you so much , and can easily repeat these same kind refraines back to you as well. Lets catch up girl! I'll talk with you soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny! Shane and Shannon's work is indeed wonderful, but please don't forget the multi-talented Dan Krall.

It was Dan's work that baked the cake, Shane and Shannon supplied the delicious icing.

Jenny Lerew said...

Shane! It's my pleasure to write about you-very beautiful stuff indeed. I miss you guys! Talk to you soon.

Anonymous-thanks for the shout out for Dan Krall. I know his name, and looking him up I love his work-he's got gorgeous things he did for Coraline on his blog-which I don't think I've ever seen before...my loss! I know there are a lot of incredible talents who worked on Coraline(honestly, the entire crew from the looks of the finished film)-I did this post on Shane and Shannon as I know them and am so personally proud of them--but my hat's off to all of the artists.

That said, Dan Krall should definitely be acknowledged, and have a post here of his own-I'll do one. Thanks for the nudge!

Jeremy said...

Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing these and congrats to Shane and Shannon for wonderful design work on such a unique film!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Those are cute!

Anonymous said...

Why would you all be missing each other?
Jenny's not at DW's anymore??

Anonymous said...

We've got Jenny now! And you can't get her back! HEHEHEHEHEHEH *evil laugh*.

....It's a world of laughter a world of tears, it's a world of hopes and a world of fears.... *cackle* la la la la la.....*cough* *wheeze*

Daveland said...

Thanks for posting the artists behind this beautiful film. The design of it really blew me away.