Feb 1, 2009

Bob Winquist at Chouinard Art Institute c. 1950

Yesterday's gathering to celebrate Bob Winquist was a wonderful event--a great time had by all. Every story and memory related by his family, friends and former students made Bob alive and present again.

I was especially proud of everyone from Calarts--all of you do Bob so much honor and I agreed with every word of all you had to say. I had very little to do with bringing it together so I don't speak with any special authority, but personally I wanted to express how thankful I am that everyone came down--or up. I'm sure we all agree it was a party Bob would have loved.
This is a snippet of very old 16mm footage that I'd meant to show but events took on their own momentum and only a few people saw it later in the Palace. It's the youngest Bob yet--a full decade or so before the photograph that accompanies my earlier post. I'm pretty sure these outtakes (from among Bob's huge stash of stuff boxed away in his last home) were part of an instructional video on Bob's particular speciality, paper sculpture when he was teaching at Chouinard. A few examples of his large-scale work can be briefly seen behind him.

The crowd that was there to remember Bob was big, and it was easy to get happily lost among friends you haven't seen in about 18 or 19 years.
Thanks again, all.


mark kennedy said...

I was sorry to have to miss the event - it sounds like it was great. Did anyone take pictures that they could post online?

Jenny Lerew said...

Hey Mark-you were missed.
I know Jeff Ranjo took video of practically the entire thing(until his battery ran out!), and I'm sure there were plenty of pictures-I hope that I'll get leads on or links to them. Someone took some of several of us from our class--and I've already forgotten who took them. It was that nuts.

James Hull said...

Thanks Jenny for posting this...no sound though?

Jenny Lerew said...

Hey Jim--no, it was silent footage. I only wish!
Any lip readers out there?

Tony Bancroft said...

Jenny- Good seeing you and the other class of 87 folks there. I know that Ken Truhan took plenty of photos besides Jeff and it was Nassos and Mindy (yes, Mindy) who took the group photos of those of us there. Good to see you Jenny and great blog!

Tony Bancroft (the good-looking twin)

Asphodel said...

Stumbled across your blog- actually the other blog and love it. Hope you haven't abandoned it, your stuff is like yummy to my senses.

Anonymous said...

Jenny- Dave Wasson asked me at Vincenzos Saturday night if could scan and post my Bob assignment by Bob on line. It may take some fancy scanning to make that happen because it's pretty big, but a friend took a photo of me holding it at the remembrance that gives a decent view and put it on Facebook. Any ideas about ways I could show it off to a larger audience? I don't have a blog and I'm somewhat computer challenged, all though not completely.

Tom Pope

Moncrief Girls said...

Jenny THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR HELP WITH EVERYTHING on this event. I regret we haven't really met yet, but I'm sure in time we'll bump into each other.

Tom POPE! send me an email and I might be able to help- I don't have the best scanner, but we could try to take a better photo, and then post that... maybe???

Let me know if I can help.



Jenny Lerew said...

Tom--May I swipe the Facebook pic of you & post it here? I'd be happy to feature it--it was so cool--or a better shot if Zac does one, or anything you like.

Zac--I wish we'd met too. I didn't do much at all(Martha is just a doll, though-as everyone knows)--but what I did do was my pleasure, to say the least.

Asphodel--wow-thanks! That's very nice to hear. I haven't abandoned the sketchblog-just been (too) busy-but I definitely will update it--it's been too long.

Tony! I loved seeing you--what a great treat it was...all thanks to Bob. He'd have loved "hosting" all of us, wouldn't he? : )

Anonymous said...

Jenny- Please check your disney email- I sent you a jpeg of the Bob piece:)