Aug 6, 2008

Dave Derrick Draws Africa

photograph courtesy of David Derrick

I've recently pointed readers to my friend, fellow story artist and co-author Dave Derrick--but it's not too soon to bring him up again as he's just returned from a safari to Africa.

That continent, its unique look and its life have been a special love of Dave's for years(inspiring his chapter in Scrambled Ink, an original just-so sort of story). It's been the number one place he'd wanted to go and he took along his sketchbook, his clay, and his paints.

He's only begun to post his impressions and artwork, but I feel certain that anyone visiting here should be sure to check in regularly to get a peek at what he's done. His observational skills are something.

Here it is: African Diaries

illustration by David Derrick

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Elliot Cowan said...

Go take a look at my pal Neil Ross drawing Africa - he's amazing!
You'll find some of his Africa stuff here:

Hope all is well otherwise : )