May 25, 2008

Rocket Johnson!

From Paul Briggs here finally is the announcement of a project that an awful lot of guys have been working on in their spare time-of which they have precious little. Nevertheless, somehow they all pulled it off.
I was lucky enough to see most of the book and it's a must-have. Talk about a roster of names; some very familiar, some you may not yet know-but all have done terrific work.
Here's Paul's email press release:

"Who is Rocket Johnson?" is a 72 page graphic novel anthology being self-published by Walt Disney Animation Studio's Story Artists and Directors. It's an all-ages book in which every artist answers the question: "Who is Rocket Johnson?"
It will be sold exclusively at booth 2302 in San Diego ( and is a limited edition of 1,000 copies.

Cover painted by:
Paul Felix

Artists contributing stories:
Steve Anderson
John Musker
Dean Wellins
Mike Gabriel
Kevin Deters
Paul Briggs
Tom Ellery
Sam Levine
Nathan Greno
Don Hall
Mark Kennedy
Aurian Redson
Daniel Chong
Tron Mai
Lawrence Gong
Joe Mateo
Michael LaBash
Chris Ure
Bruce Morris
Mark Walton

Featuring pin-ups by:
Glen Keane
ChenYi Chang
Byron Howard
Arthur Adams

That's some lineup. For more information visit the official website.

Edited to add: Briggs informs me that at the present time there aren't any plans to do more than 1000 copies, take advance orders, or do any mail order at all. That means that if we want one we'll all have to plan to be at the Rocket Johnson booth at San Diego during the Con-probably early in the week. I feel positive that sketchbook resellers such as Stuart Ng and Bud Plant will be picking up multiple copies to offer at their own outlets, but with only 1000 available to begin with those too should sell quickly. I have to think it likely that when the initial run does sell out, more will be printed-eventually. But for now look for it only at the Con.


Vanwall said...

Looks like something else to buy at the Con!

BLAMMO The Art of Jason Groh said...

I am a huge fan of the work of Mike Gabriel.
Do you know what he is doing these days?
Obviously from this post he is at Disney again but doing what?


Michael J. Ruocco said...

I'm definitely gonna try to get a copy at the Con this summer, but chances are they'd be long gone before I even got to the booth. 1000 copies is such a small amount, especially when it's at San Diego Comic-Con of all places.

Oh well, I'll still give it a shot!

Anonymous said...

WhoisCrockettJohnson ? What's all this talk about Crockett Johnson ? The guy who drew Harold and the Purple Crayon of course ... oh...
never mind.

(with apologies to Gilda Radner and Emily Litella)


Seriously, looks interesting. I hope Stuart Ng snags a few because I don't think I'll be at ComicCon this year.

Mike Yamada said...

I'm so excited! And a Paul Felix painting to boot. I can't wait until comic con.

Vanwall said...

I hadn't read the list of contributor's very well - I work with Nathan Greno's father, how strange is that? See ya'll there!

Anonymous said...

I was Nathan Greno's junior high school art instructor in Kenosha,Wisconsin.Great student and I am happy for his success.Keep up the great work.